Korean beauty is all about proper skin care.  Skin is the largest organ of the body and the condition of it is very important.  If you have skin that is healthy, clean, clear of blemishes, and retains good moisture, it is likely your skin is in a healthy state and you will not be prone to breakouts.  However, if you are not applying anything on your skin, you are not sealing in moisture, or protecting it from daily damage, and so then you might have skin that is on the oily side and get breakouts.  If you have an unhealthy diet or nutritional problems, this will show up on the skin and with various problems, such as recurring breakouts and uncontrollable oil production.  Food does play a role in how healthy you are, as well as your skin.  If you are not drinking enough water, you will be dehydrated and your skin will get dry.


Korean skincare is all about keeping the skin moist.  When you keep the moisture in the skin, there is no excess oil production, so you will have less breakouts.  It might seem counter intuitive to put face lotion on an acne ridden face, however the skin will normalize and stop producing so much oil and so you will have less breakouts.  There is a process that it goes through, but once this is over, the results will show for itself.


Too many products?  It is quite common for a regular Korean skin care routine to be 12 steps or more.  You can surely shorten it to a basic 4 or 5 steps, but once you get into all the products, what they do, you will surely feel the need to add more steps within your routine for even more benefits.  Companies put a lot of time, money, and research into their products and they are all about producing results.  If you do happen to be in Korea and walk into a skin care shop- there are at least 10 on one block, not kidding!), you will most definitely see before and after picks of most of the products right there next to the name, along with a synopsis of the amazing benefits of each products.  The results and pictures are quite compelling, and so you will want to walk out of there with a bunch of products to try.  Once you have tried a few products, you will notice how effective they are, and you will probably be sold on why you need to have them, and why you can never run out.  There are so many products that do so many different things.  And the packaging is oh so adorable!  Sometimes you will feel compelled to buy the products just because of the cute packaging.  Who doesn’t need a lip scrub in the shape of giant lips or cute nail polish in the shape of an ice cream cone?


Why K Beauty?  Because it works!  The real reason why people are using Korean beauty products is because of the results they are getting.  They usually have significant improvement with moisture in seeing less wrinkles, blemishes disappear and stay gone- and this is on people who have had severe, long term acne.  I used to be an adult with acne, ironically, no acne as a child.  I would have deep cysts that would last for months along with other pimples that would just come and go.  When it was my hormonal time, I would get even more.  Now, I have the occasional one pimple when it’s that time of the month.  I never thought the condition of my skin could improve so much.  I have been dedicated with my skin care regimen and I do believe it is all because of the products.  You get amazing quality ingredients that actually transform your skin.  Korean skincare is about having flawless skin.  It’s not about makeup and concealing, like it is in America.  There is less of a focus on makeup and coverup.  The focus is on the products and what they do for your skin.  If you have great skin, there will not be a need to cover it up with so much makeup.  So try out some Korean beauty products and see what they can do for you. You will need to be consistent in using them to get the best results.  Once you are on a regular Korean beauty skin care routine, your skin will be able to utilize all the benefits each of the products and their ingredients’ has to offer, instead of your body always fighting with itself in between states of oil production and disruption.


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