Why whitening?  Most people in the West will go to tanning salons and are trying to achieve the perfect tan.  A tan is symbolic in the West with having the money and leisure to go outside instead of work inside all day.  In Korean, that is quite the opposite.  It is considered that if you have light skin, you are priviledged and do not have to work hard and labor in the fields or outside at work.  So with this understanding, there are whitening products.  It is only until recently that whitening is becoming a hot trend.  While many people of different cultures admire and try to obtain whiter skin, it is slowly coming around in the West that whitening is in and tanning is out.  Not to mention that tanning causes premature wrinkling and skin cancer, it is not a healthy option for the skin in the long run.  While vitamin D from the sun is important and necessary, cautions must be taken so skin does not become sun burned and harmed from the sun rays.

Whitening lotions are available and are added to regular products, specialty treatments, as well as sunscreen lotions.  You simply apply the crème and shortly after, and with continued use, you will see your complexion lighten over time.  This is helpful for getting rid of sun spots from over sun exposure and balancing out the complexion.  It is also wonderful for old acne scars.  There are separate whitening treatments for the under eye area.  The skin around the under eye area tends to be thinner and most under eye treatments for whitening also combat moisture which helps with the wrinkling in that area.

Whitening products can leave your skin on the dry side, so it is important to continue with other skin care products so that you do not over dry the skin and create some unwanted, unsightly blemishes.  Your toner and essence will be necessary after these treatments in order to maintain proper ph levels and retain and replace lost moisture.


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