Choosing a good toner and essence is essential.  You will be applying this product after cleansing, morning and night.  Also, since this product is one of the ones you use right after cleansing, and the one absorbed first into the skin.  So ideally, you want to get a good quality product, with quality ingredients.  If you use a low quality product, it will not produce the best results.  That being said, just because a product is expensive, does not necessarily mean it is good.  Once you start using products from different companies, you will get an idea of which ones are great, and which ones you could do without. While it is helpful to read reviews, it is noteworthy to remember that all skin reacts differently to different products.  So what might work for someone, might not work for you.

Toners and essences come in different thicknesses.  Do not think that a toner can only be a liquid.  Most toners that I use have a lotion consistency.  While there are liquid toners, it is personal preference, along with the brand, quality, and ingredients you will need to consider if they are effective enough to continue using.

What is a toner?  A toner is a lotion or liquid you apply after cleansing.  It balances the ph of your skin as well as provide moisture.  Usually when people think of toner, you think of some liquid that you put on and stings.  It is quite the opposite with Korean toner.  It is beneficial to your skin and it will drink it up!  It is one of your first lines of defense in adding nutrients back in, so it is worth it to try to find a good one from a brand that you trust.

What is an essence?  An essence is another lotion that you put on after the cleansing process.  It is applied after the toner.  Why the need for more lotions on the face?  Won’t I get clogged pores and breakouts with all these added products?  Not so.  These lotions are light weight and absorb quickly into the skin.  They disappear in and then your skin is ready for yes, the next product in the skin care line.  While there are many products in the skin care regimen, there is a reason for all of them and they all have their place in the routine.  You might get overwhelmed in the beginning or completely obsessed with all the choices.  However, it should be noted that while there are many products to try, use, and incorporate into your routine, it is best to only incorporate one new item at a time if you can, so you can see how your body reacts to it.  If you try a bunch of new products and something is not going well, or you start to break out, it will be harder to distinguish which product is causing the adverse reaction.  If you limit this to one new product every so often, you will know which product is causing conflict with your skin.

Toner and essence is extremely important in the skin care regimen.  While you do not need a whole twelve step routine, you will need the basics.  Toner and essence are basics and if you need to only have a few basics, these would be them.  These products together do a very good job of keeping the skin moisturized during the day and this is what prevents breakouts.  So try to get a good quality toner and essence if those are the only products you will be using at first.


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