If you haven’t heard about any products in the Asian skincare routine, chances are you have know or have seen the mask craze.  Face masks are used to supply the skin with amazing nutrients that you don’t otherwise get out of your regular skin care products.  They are essentially sheet masks soaked with deep essences and treatments.  The sheets are extremely moisturizing and produce immediate results that you can feel.  There is a huge selection of face mask sheets and gels that offer different benefits for different skin ailments.  Whether you are getting hormonal and your period is approaching and you just need something for that one period pimple or zit, there is a sheet mask for that.  If you have dry skin, want to whiten it up, or even out your complexion, there are specialty masks as well for those issues. If you are looking to firm up your collagen and increase collagen production, there is a mask for that as well.  It is important to identify what you are trying to achieve and go from there.  This will help you in choosing which product is right for you.

Masks are very relaxing!  What could be more relaxing than setting some time aside for pampering?  You can wear the treatment masks while you multitask- (there is another mask available to put over it, so it doesn’t fall off), there should be no reason for you to not try a mask. They are also super cheap and you can buy them singularly, which allows you to try out different ones without making a huge commitment.

The deep treatment benefits of using masks is so well known, that they have become a staple in the Asian skin care routine.  They deliver the necessary nutrients that you might not be giving your skin regularly.  If you cannot afford an expensive serum, try getting the face mask.  Most of the time these masks are drenched in their luxurious concoction counterparts, such as high priced serums and intense treatments.  You can receive the same benefits, in a less expensive way by using the sheet mask.

Sheet masks come soaked in nutrient dense single packs.  You can even use the left over liquid in the packs on other parts of your body.  This works amazing as a body lotion.  You will feel and notice the difference in an instant.  These liquids lock in moisture and prevent it from escaping.  They are very lightweight and yet super nourishing.  If it is difficult to notice the difference on your face, you will surely feel the difference if you apply the liquid from the sheet mask, say on your arms or legs after you get out of the shower.  You will realize that you really don’t need heavy lotions and crèmes to get moisturized skin.  This will probably engrain the importance of the need for the Korean skin care regimen and the products in your life even more.


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