Exfoliating your skin is a very important step.  Skin is constantly regenerating itself and if your pores get clogged, then a blemish will form and you have the dreaded zit.  If you exfoliate on a regular basis you are cutting out a good  percentage of this happening on a continual basis, and therefore you will naturally start to have better skin.  Not only does exfoliating slough off the rough, outer layer of skin and make room for the new healthy skin to breathe underneath, it speeds up the regeneration process.  So if you do have a pimple and you start exfoliating it as needed, it will heal faster.  You are speeding up the renewing of the cells and allowing them to come to the surface quicker.  The skin will have a healthier glow and absorb the products more readily.  Upon absorption of the toners, essences, and other treatments, they will sink in deeper and be more effective.  You will be able to get more out of these products and use them to maximum efficiency.

There are different ways to exfoliate the skin.  Most Korean beauty routines use a skin peeling gel.  This is a liquid/gel that you apply and as you massage it into the skin, the skin will slough off.  These peels can penetrate deep and you will notice results immediately.  Your skin with bead off and you are left with instant results.  It is important not to overuse these products, as they can be drying on the skin.  It is also important to not combine these products at the same time with other acids or peels that you are using, as the combination makes the skin more sensitive to the sun and you will need to use additional spf if you are planning on being in the sun.

Chemical peels are not as abrasive as the exfoliating peels.  While chemical peels do exfoliate the skin with acids, they do not make the skin bead off like if you are using a peeling gel.  Products like AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) or BHA (beta hydroxy acid) acids are used over time in order to see the most benefit.  However, they do make skin more sensitive to light, which you will need the added protection or you will get tan in normal everyday sun exposure.  AHA and BHA products are very effective when used in combination with each other- one in the morning, the other at night.  They should not be used at the same time, as this will over stress the skin.  You will notice these chemicals can dry your skin out a little bit.  That is where the necessary toner, essence comes in.  You will notice your skin suck up the lotion very quickly after using a AHA or BHA product. These products do an amazing job at improving skin texture and cell turnover and reducing pore size and normalizing oil production.  Once you have the basics of Korean skin care products in your repertoire, it will greatly benefit you to try to implement other products into the regimen for even better and more consistent results.  Just incorporating the basics can drastically change your skin texture, tone, and complexion.


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