The first line of defense in the Asian skin care routine is to start with properly cleaned skin.  If the skin is not fully clean, it will hinder the absorption of all of the great products you are using.  You will not be getting the full benefits or your money’s worth of the products you have invested in.  It is not uncommon for a Korean skin care routine to have 3 or more products just in the cleaning part of your routine.

Cleansing oils are usually the first line of defense.  They remove all of your makeup with ease.  They quickly remove stubborn eyeliner and mascara without tugging on your lashes or pulling on the thin skin under the eyes.  After applying cleansing oil to the skin, you will simply rinse off with warm water.  All of the makeup comes off immediately.  This prepares your skin for the next cleansing product.

After you use the cleansing oil and rinse everything off, you will then apply a cleansing foam.  A cleansing foam gets the rest of any residual makeup or products left on your skin.  The cleansing foam works deeper in the skin if you use cleansing oil prior to application.  Getting a deep clean is important for the next phases of your skin care routine.  It would be counterintuitive to apply a bunch of products over makeup or a dirty face.  It is important to have a clean slate so you can receive the maximum absorption of your other products.

Some people will also incorporate an exfoliant into their cleaning technique, but this does not need to be done on a daily basis.  An exfoliant treatment can instead be done on a weekly or biweekly schedule with the same results, provided you keep to your regular Asian skin care routine.

Overall, cleaning your face is a step with great importance.  Sometimes we can get lazy and not want to wash our face at night.  If you fit under this category, don’t worry, you can still get the benefits of washing your face with Korean facial cleansing cloths.  These are a great option that still provide your skin with the benefits of Korean beauty care products and the ease of wiping all of your makeup off with only one wipe.  Asian cleansing wipes are the perfect solution for those lazy nights.  You might even use that extra energy to slather on the rest of your essential skin care routine and feel better about sleeping your way to better skin!


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