With all the different products to incorporate into your Asian skin care routine, it can be a little tricky to figure out in the beginning, the order in which you should put on the products.  Here is a list of how to order the products to get the best benefits.


Cleansing Oil-For cleansing your makeup off in one swoop with absolute ease and speed.

Foam Cleanser- To finish with a deep clean, removing any leftover traces of makeup.

Exfoliator- a good exfoliator to help speed up cell recovery and turnover

First Essence- usually a liquid that absorbs fast and allows maximum efficiency of all products you apply afterwards.  This is worth getting after you already have a basic toner and essence.

AHA/BHA- Alpha or Beta hydroxyl acids.  Do not use both at the same time, alternate one in the morning, one at night for best results.

Toner- Lotion or liquid that helps with ph balancing, moisture retention

Essence-Lotion that helps lock in moisture and prepare the skin for the next products.

Cream- deep specialized treatment that absorbs readily into the skin.

Serum-deep, specialized, concentrated treatment.  Great for wrinkles, collagen production, or specialized formulas designed to work on your problem areas.  Serums have a thicker consistency and more staying power while on the skin.

Sleeping Packs- worn at night to lock in the moisture and allow you to wake up with completely refreshed skin.  Sleeping packs create the thickest barrier to last throughout the night.  They are washed off in the morning.


You want to avoid mixing products on the skin.  This allows you to get the most benefits out of all the ingredients each of the products.  You will want to wait for the current product to absorb before moving on to applying your next product.  When in doubt, you will want to order them in thinnest liquid to the thickest.  This will increase absorption and maximize moisture retention.


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