American Beauty Routines mostly consist of different kinds of makeup.  There is very little emphasis on cleaning and moisturizing, and more about different kinds of cover up, foundation, and regular concealer.  There are color correction liquids and sticks and on top of an already face full of makeup, there are contour sticks and powders.  Add to that a layer of setting powder or spray on top to keep it all in place, and that is in addition to using facial primers under the makeup- and you have yourself a full face of layers deep, products.  And these are just makeup products.  No skincare products were even mentioned.


Korean Beauty routines consist of perfecting the skin.  It is about having a wonderful blank canvas, so there is no need for makeup.  No need to cover up a bunch of unnecessary problematic areas to hide from the world.  You have clear skin and you are just maintaining it.  Korean Beauty relies on a keeping very clean skin.  This not only keeps your canvas clear for the other amazing products to absorb and do their thing, but you are not constantly trying to fix this and fix that.  You are maintaining a balance of moisture and that is one of the keys to amazing skin.  If you have a solid cleaning routine as well as are up on keeping the skin properly moisturized, makeup and cover up products are not necessary.  You will not have to cover anything up.  Instead you will allow your skin to breathe and be healthy.


While there are numerous products to use in the Korean skin care regimen, there is not one product is that overly overwhelming.  They are all made to be used in conjunction with each other.  They are light, absorb easily and quickly, and can be layered.  If you tried to layer your American beauty products, you would find all kinds of issues with chemical compatibility and get reactions of all kinds.  I believe this also goes back to using quality, purposeful ingredients.  After implementing a Korean skin care routine, I will never go back to using American made products.  My skin is not a testing ground for just any products, so what I put on my skin I make sure it is good.  I have dealt with breakouts for so many years, that once I stuck with the Korean skin care routine and it transformed my skin and changed my life, I am extremely cautious and weary about using products that aren’t Korean.  Call me a KBeauty snob, but the reality of the situation is I have to walk around in my skin and I am not about to revert back to bad skin.  I know from experience that sometimes just one blemish can take a while to heal and in the past, that “while” could be for months.  So now I don’t play around with just any products.  I only use Korean skin care products from brands that I’ve come to grow, trust, love, and be obsessed over.  I have been so satisfied with my skin transformation that I am committed to spreading the word about how awesome Korean Beauty is, and I want to end those embarrassing moments when we try to hide from the skin we are in.  Those times are long gone for me and I want to help other people out there.  Acne can be debilitating and affect people emotionally especially if they have to deal with recurrent skin problems that last for years on end.  If you change your routine, you can change your skin, and you will feel better, be happier, and improve your outlook on life in general.  Problem skin doesn’t have to be a problem anymore.  Learning about the correct way to manage your skin, in the products you apply and the way you treat it, can transform you on the inside, the outside, and emotionally.  Why not try implementing an Asian skin care routine?  You can always go back to your old ways if you don’t see any improvements.  But what if you do see results?  Having clear and healthy skin can be revolutionary to your soul.  It can renew your sense of self and give you confidence.  So try out a product so you can start seeing and feeling the results.


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