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I can get lost in the Korean beauty world and I’m obsessed with their fashion trends!  There’s a lot to take in!  If you are new to the Korean beauty scene check out my other pages to learn all about what Korean skin care is all about.


There are a ton of products out there in the Kbeauty world and sometimes it can get hard to navigate.  Especially if you are a beginner!  There are cleansing oils, cleansing foams, toners, essences, gels, creams, serums, masks, not to mention a bunch of specialized treatments.  If you are confused about the order of application or you don’t even know why you would want all of these products, I encourage you to learn about Korean skin care and the benefits that they each have to offer.  If you have problematic skin, blemishes, if your skin is dry or is too oily, want to improve your complexion, or are battling wrinkles or spots, you will want to check out how you can start improving  your skin by incorporating a Korean beauty skin care routine into your life.